Eric W. Bates

Box 1732
West Tisbury


  • Extensive practice with a wide variety of routing protocols and the work necessary to transliterate between them. Including RIP, IGRP, eIGRP, OSPF, OLSR, BGP, iBGP on CIOS and FreeBSD (zebra).
  • Very experienced managing dual-stack (IPv4/IPv6) networks (FreeBSD, various Linux'en, cisco, Brocade, Win7-10, OSX) firewalls (ipfw, pf, pfSense) and intrusion detection systems (snort).
  • Copious wireless experience starting with the original 802.11 (C-SPEC) running thru the latest 802.11ac (Ubiquiti, cisco).
  • Long familiartity with DNS, dhcp, dhcp announcements to DNS, rfc 2136 DNS updates, DNSSEC and DNSCurve. Have built web DNS interface (myDNS) for customer access to their DNS and implemented an IPplan database to track all the subnet allocations.
  • Extensive knowledge of Perl, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bourne shell script.
  • Experienced with use and operation of relational (MySQL/MariaDB, Postgres, SQLite) and non-relational data storage mechanisms.
  • Familiar with source control systems (cvs, git) for archiving work and coordinating teams.
  • Unix experience from the early '90's through today. Especially experienced with FreeBSD and Linux, but I've worked on many older systems as well (BSDOS, SCO, etc.).
  • Very familiar with encryption techniques (SSL, IPSec, PPtP DNSCurve, ssh, pgp, gpg) and the management of certificate authorities.
  • Very experienced with common network protocols and network services like HTTP (Apache, CGI), Email (Postfix, Cyrus imapd, Amavisd, Policyd, ClamAV), DNS (BIND, Unbound), NTP.
  • Practical experience with rapid web development and CMS tools (Drupal, Catalyst, Plone, Zope, Rails).
  • Significant work with virtual machines (VMware vSphere, Xen, VirtualBox) and supporting SANs.

Work Experience

Vineyard Haven, MA
2009 – 2013
IT Engineer, Educomp, Inc.

Educomp is probably the oldest extant computer support business on Martha’s Vineyard. Pat Gregory recruited me within minutes of the decision to leave Vinyard.NET. I greatly enjoyed my tenure working for such a well organized Windows IT business. I was able to bring my somewhat exotic skill set to bear in ways that remain repeatable and supportable today.

  • Built and maintained several customer web sites mostly with Drupal.
  • Built and maintained multiple in-house FreeBSD servers to face the Internet and provide a variety of services (firewall, e-mail proxy, web proxy, network time protocol, etc.) to shield the more vulnerable Windows machines.
  • Designed, built and maintaned numerous low-cost customer site FreeBSD servers providing firewall, mail and web proxy services and IPSec & PPTP tunnels for protection of their own machines.
  • Designed and wrote web filtering system to block customer employee access to undesirable web sites.
  • Designed and wrote e-mail proxy support system to notice user list changes in customer mail system and immediately update e-mail forwarding.
  • Designed and wrote web interface to allow privileged customer employees to adjust aforementioned filtering without the need for expensive Educomp intervention.
  • Designed PPTP (Microsoft's preferred tunneling encryption scheme) interface to allow customer employees to remote into their office LAN with secure authentication and encryption while travelling.
  • Designed similar IPSec (following the Internet standard protocols for everything non-Microsoft) for similarly encryted access for non-Windows equipment.
  • Implement IPv6 tunnels and route policies.
  • Built and maintained DNS services for Educomp and customers.
  • Built and maintained secondary e-mail services for Educomp and customers to provide spam and anti-virus filtering and emergency fallback.
  • Built and maintained multiple Windows domains for customers.
  • Built and maintained customer ESXi/VMware Center server systems.
Vineyard Haven, MA
1995 – 2009
Co-Founder, President & Owner, Vineyard.NET, Inc.

Vineyard.NET was a long labor of love. My 2 partners and I started Vineyard.NET inasmuch simply to fund our own Internet access and it became a surprisingly desirable service for Islanders. We wrote our own software for accounting, customer fulfillment, e-mail filtering, web site support, domain registration, credit card and ACH processing, intrusion detection, and much more.

  • Established Vineyard.NET, the Vineyard’s first and most extensive ISP.
  • Grew company at 50% per year for five years.
  • Vineyard.NET revenue: $500K for Y2000, no debt.
  • Maintained company’s extensive proprietary accounting and web-based administration system.
  • Trained technical staff and oversaw multiple overlapping projects.
  • Wrote and executed multiple contracts for customers, resellers, and consulting engagements including mysql driven web sites, firewalls, security audits, VPNs, etc.
  • Built and maintained extensive real estate rental web site tracking properties, owners, availability, customer contracts, payment schedules, etc. utilizing MySQL and perl.
  • Designed and maintained company's mail system using postfix, Cyrus imap, SpamAssassin, policyd, AMaViS, procmail, dkimproxy, and batv-proxy.
  • Built and maintained company's network using bgp, ospf, eigrp, and tacacs.
  • Built and maintained company's certificate authority.
  • Built, maintained, and responded to an extensive monitoring/alert system which watched all aspects of VNI's services and sent alerts whenever something slowed or failed.
Boston, MA
2000 – 2001
CIO, Broadband 2 Wireless

BB2W was a venture-funded company whose intent was to provide high-speed internet service using wireless for the last mile. Like many such companies, it did not survive the end of the Tech Bubble.

  • Built and managed BB2W’s IT and Information systems.
  • Specified and negotiated purchase of BB2W’s internal hardware systems; including Sun and Compaq mid-level enterprise systems, EMC2 Symmetrix & Connectrix, etc.
  • Oversaw physical layout and installation of machine space.
  • Managed relationship with Pricewaterhouse Coopers during 12 month implementation of their New World Networks operations support systems.
  • Designed and managed implementation of BB2W’s web services; including implementation of internal certificate authority.
  • Designed and managed implementation of BB2W’s IPSec infrastructure.
  • Participated in design of BB2W’s nationwide network infrastructure.
  • Designed and oversaw implementation of BB2W’s NMS.
  • Oversaw implementation of distributed customer authentication system.
  • Oversaw small team of developers implementing internal tool sets including data filters, snmp tools, executive document sharing tools, hardware configurators, etc.


Hanover, NH
1979 – 1983
Bachelor of Arts (AB), Dartmouth College
  • Major in Physics

Leisure and Hobbies

  • I spend time soldering and fiddling with electronic devices including Arduino, Ras-Pi, and a variety of sensors as my contribution to the Internet-of-Things.
  • I poke relentlessly at the variety of software and network hacks in place at home.
  • I train my dogs to run agility courses with me. I've long planned a lengthy blog entitled "Hacking Live-Ware for Fun and Profit (canine-agility training for computer professionals)." The potential audience is not as small as one might imagine.